BCP Solutions B.V. was founded in May 2019 to meet the demand for durable modular  solutions.

By obtaining the license to produce the INCRADIFLOAT modular pontoons with patented INCRADILOCK coupling, BCP Solutions B.V was bound to enter the pontoon market with a fully certified and easy-to-use product.

Located near main motorways A27 and A15 as well as main waterway River Merwede, the village of Werkendam seemed the logical location to establish the 700 [m²] production facility.

From day 1 the focus laid on robotizing production of the INCRADIFLOAT RAFT pontons to ensure continuous quality and reduction of failure risks.

Having assessed the working conditions and ecological footprint of the competitors and foreign facilities, it became crystal clear that the moral sense of BCP Solutions B.V. does not fit with that. It was then decided that all materials should be of European origin and that working conditions at suppliers/partners have to be humane and in line with European legislation.

Although this already proved to be the hard way, BCP Solutions B.V. does not back down and keeps going beyond common practice in providing durable and responsible solutions.

The aim to provide limitless modular solutions shows in the company logo; the letters BCP form the infinity sign.


BCP solutions BV

The Netherlands

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